All vashikaran Remedies

Vashikaran for Girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, stri, purush etc. Get Genuine result in Short time. Learn How to do vashikaran and remove it in proper way. All remedies of love matters, marriages and relationship issues.

Vashikaran is known as Spells & Magic which is very strong for controlling any person, situations and things. You may change your luck or get success in your goal. Black Magic & Vashikaran are the best way that can help you.

It is the best one of the problem solution methods of astrology. This is well known name in the world. Whole world accepts it. Science also uses this this therapy. Today we will tell you all about its remedies, mantra, tantra, yantra, tilak, puja, hawan, Yagna. We also try to describe here its vidhi (methods) to do and remove it.

Vashikaran remedies that can help in your life


When I start to write this article, I researched on this topic. We collected some proofs, stories and travelled many places. I do not need to explaining about this ‘Vashikaran‘ word because I know that you surely know about it everything. I also know a common question is coming on your mind when you come here by searching about this topic. That question is ‘How can I do vashikaran at home?’. I am sure, you are searching about vashikaran Vidhi.

At first think before, Why you need it? Perhaps you want to control the situation or change your bad luck into good luck. First thing is important that I want to tell that you should not use it to destroy anyone’s life. By the way, If you have strong reason to do it on specific person, you can use this.

Vashikaran Vidhi for do and remove it

The method of casting attraction spell is called ‘Vashikaran Vidhi‘. You need some specific materials for use in this procedure. Tantra, Mantra, Yantra are the weapon of casting it. You may get help of any specialist for this. Tantra and mantra are uses in hard prayer that is known as ‘Tapasya’. After completing this Tapsya you will gain supernatural powers to control anyone.

Here I am going to tell you 10 popular vashikaran vidhies that can easily cast. So get ready to learn about these effective and powerful Vidhi that are below:-

  1. Photo se :-  You need some Special Mantras for cast it. Our specialist will tell you how to do vashikaran by photo with vidhi. You need to collect that person’s photo whom you want to keep in control.
  2. Hair se :- Balo se or hair se vashikaran is possible in Indian Astrology. You need to get some hair of desired person. Bind it in Red thread and bind it safely. You have to chant some Mantras that will be suggest by our specialist. Some activities also must be done. So take help of our specialist.
  3. Cloth se :- kapdo se vashikaran is known as cloth vashikaran. You need to find any cloth of desired person. Now ask our Specialist how to cast spells with that cloth.
  4. Name writing se :- Naam likhkar vashikaran is very famous method to take under control anyone. It is not easy. This therapy need some extra activities and patience because it take long time in showing effects. So I don’t suggest you if you have not much time. If you need fast remedies, contact our specialist personally as soon as possible.
  5. Footprint vashikaran :- As well as all remedies, you need to collect  soil of footprint of your desired person whom you want to bring in your control. Use some specific Sanskrit Mantra that is suggested in my all mantras for lovers use article.
  6. sperm vashikaran :- This is the part of Kamdev astrology. It is very useful in Sexual activities. You can learn more about Kamdev Mantra in my Kamdev mantras remedies article here.
  7. Doll se  :- infect it is black magic remedy. You need cloth of desired person. Take a doll and enrobe it to the doll. Now chant Black magic mantras. With effect of that black magic mantra, doll will work as that person. If you stuck a niddel  in it, the pain will refer to that person. It is kala jadu remedies. Our specialist can suggest you how to do right spells. so contact our specialist for more detail as soon as possible.
  8. Water se  :- if you have picking water of that person whom you want to take under control, you can use this therapy. This takes a long time and you need to have patience. You need to specific spellbound powder for mix in the water. Now give the water to drink to whom you want to take under control. As well as he drink the water, he will be your slave. So contact our specialist to get that spellbound powder as soon as possible.
  9. Namak se  :- other remedies of casting is this. You can take two spoons of the salt and chant specific suggested Mantra. It will be spellbound. Now mix it in the water or food and give the desired person. As well as he take it, he starts to listen only your orders.
  10. laung se  :- This is very easy remedies but I don’t want to suggest you because it takes a long time in giving result.

These All 10 remedies I have mentioned in this article are easy and effective. Although some takes long time but you can contact our specialist for get fast result with them. Now next question is how to do it at home? so be continue to this article for your answer.

Weapons of this procedure

I have told you that there are three weapons of it. Here I am going to explain them.

  1. Mantra :- It is a collection of some Sanskrit Mantras. These Sanskrit Mantras belongs to Dharma Grantha, Purana, Veda and Upanishada. Every mantra has its specific effects and using method. If you chant them properly, you will surely get your desired result. These Mantras are very important part of Sadhana that calls supernatural powers.
  2. Yantra :- Yantras are tools like photo and other things. Tilak is also a Yantra. You may get it from our specialist or buy from the holy places. There are many yantras that can help you in getting result. Some are like Laxmi Yantra for money, Kamdev Yantra for sex, Mohini Yantra for love etc.
  3. Tantra :- This is a Sadhana. It is very hard activity. A Pandit or specialist make it easy. In reality it is a prayer of God. If you have holy heart and pray to god, God can not neglect it. A pandit do Havan, Yagya and Pray for you. Effective prayer will show their result immediately.

Black Magic Specialist in India

Similar thing is Black magic. A black magic specialist is very powerful person who cast a magic spells that bind anyone. It is also famous as ‘Kala Jadu’. In western countries, it is famous as voodoo spells. India is a big country and most of the people believes on God and evil powers. It is popular as supernatural powers. Everyone want to get that powers but it is not possible for ordinary human being. It nee hard prayers, Tantrik Activities and proper knowledge of the powers. A Black magic specialist Tantrik knows all about it. So keep guidance when you try to use these remedies.

In this article, I has described all about vashikaran. These remedies too easy to use. but remember, never try to do yourself without proper knowledge. I am advising you to keep assistance of a specialist. if you have any question in your mind, contact our specialist.